Playing With Fire

Comedy/Mystery Screenplay

90 pages complete

Napoleon Dynamite + Spy Kids

Currently in an exclusive submission

When a 15 year-old sleuth realizes his crush’s car is stolen, his desire to find it, both for glory and to get the girl, has the two of them playing with fire.

Origin of Species

Redemption Western Screenplay

About 90 pages – complete

Currently in an exclusive submission

Two elderly sisters, Millie and Ruth, forced to bring bandits into their home, hope to redeem the young men, but the relentless Marshall, Millie’s old beau, might find them first.

Riding Into the Sunset

Christmas Romance Screenplay

About 90 pages – 80% complete

Requested when completed for an exclusive submission

Stephanie escapes California with her championship horse to save him from a villainous trainer, and runs aground by Liam’s Wyoming ranch, where she’s stuck through Christmas, trying to keep both her horse and her heart safe.


Notice Me

YA suspense/romance

70K words, 80% complete

Clueless + an Ally Carter novel

Open for request. This should be complete before the end of 2023

A young, wealthy New York actress teams up with a journalist student to protect her father from false charges, getting them both into deadly trouble, and worse: making her lose her Jimmy Choo shoes.