I Ate the Sun

PB manuscript – about 500 words

A young child revels in a spring day, imagining being carried off into the sky and eating the sun to stay warm and happy forever.

Dinosaur Tents

PB manuscript, about 140 words

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie + The Camper’s Survival Guide

A family of dinosaurs use a tent to save them as they are tossed into a river, go over a waterfall, and survive other traumas brought on by Uncle Herbert’s tail.

But in the end, family is what counts.

Black Magic Crime Sniffer

PB manuscript, about 86 words

In Maggie’s secret identity as a crime fighter, she works hard to protect her master and catch the bad guy, but she always gives her master the credit.

Ocean Magic 

Rhyming PB manuscript, about 300 words

Two children enjoy a magical day at the beach, ending the day with sunburn, sandy bodies, and ice cream

Now I Can

PB – about 105 words

A busy mom can’t always drop her work immediately, but child and mom find that some things can’t wait

Mr. Popper’s

PB manuscript about 530 words

Mr. Poppers loves both reading and swimming, but when combined, he goes on an adventure.

The Figment in the Pantry

PB manuscript about 80 words

Something is growing in the pantry, and since Mom doesn’t believe it, the child must protect his home.

Guiding Yuba

Non-fiction PB – about 388 words + optional sidebars

From puppyhood to a working dog, the life cycle of a guide dog.