I’ve loved books ever since I can remember. I have memories (more emotional than actual) of sitting in a rocking chair with my mother teaching me to read.

Reading meant plenty of time in the library and in my favorite chair, book in hand.
For some reason, it didn’t translate to writing for a very long time.

When my youngest child was about four, I had a thought that kept twirling in my head. I wasn’t sure what it was, but when I finally wrote it down, I found out it was a
picture book.

And that was the beginning of my writing journey.

Here’s some things you’ll find on my site:


When I was in junior high, I announced to the girls around me that I was going to be
an actress. I think I even surprised myself when that came out of my mouth. But I’ve
always loved story and this was one way to help tell stories.

From junior high through college I participated in school and community theatre and loved ever minute of it. But when marriage and kids came along, theatre was only an occasional indulgence.

At one point, when the kids were getting a bit older and life went from diapers to
driving everywhere, one of my kids decided she wanted an agent.

And that was the beginning of my working in film.

For more about my film work (both writing and acting):

Just Me

I grew up in New Jersey, and now reside in the Mountain West. I have a BA in Biology from Gettysburg College, a fantastic liberal arts college in (do you want to guess?) Gettysburg PA.

I’ve got kids and kids-in-law, grandkids, a spouse who puts up with me, and lots of